Office Procedures


This letter is to advise each of you on the new procedures I have implemented at my office and to address any concerns you may have on your safety!

As most of you already know, I never have a tremendous amount of traffic into my office on any given day as I can physically only perform so many massages while still giving a quality session.

Our main reception area has been implemented with a high-quality Hepa Filtration unit. Before and after each client, I will be disinfecting every door handle from our front office door back to my office door. The bathroom area will be disinfected as well, including the light switch.

I have purchased a high-quality plastic liner for my massage table which will be disinfected before and after each client. This plastic liner has allowed me to continue using the extra padding as well as the table warmer. same goes for the table headrest. The chair and the surrounding area in my office will be included in this disinfection process.

My homemade massage cream will now be left at home and in the refrigerator. The day of your scheduled visit, I will pack individual portions that will be placed in a small sealed container and brought into the office.

Masks: You can remove said item while you are face down on the massage table as droplets do not usually have any capability of changing direction from down to up in order to find your mouth or nose area.

Many things will need no further changes because I already do all these things but will mention them to make you more comfortable:

I scrub my hands/arms immediately after and before every single client. Sheets have always been laundered in extremely hot water temps, soaked in disinfectant for a period of time then dried at extremely high temperatures.

I think all of my clients are adult enough not to come for a massage if they are feeling ill or have a fever or just returned from that two week Hawaii vacation! I respectfully hope you have enough faith that I will in return, do the same. I look forward to getting back to normal and look forward to seeing each and every one of you!